The State of Pipeline Infrastructure – A Ticking Time Bomb

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The State of Pipeline Infrastructure

The safety of pipeline infrastructure in America has been under scrutiny in recent years due to a rise in deadly disasters. In Massachusetts, the natural gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley in September of 2018 led to a new bill called the Leonel Rondon Pipeline Safety Act. According to CommonWealth Magazine, the bill requires “professional engineers to approve all significant changes to pipelines, assure on-site pressure monitoring is done by qualified employees, and mandates accurate record-keeping and mapping of pipeline systems.” It is named after an 18-year old man who was killed by a chimney falling on him in his parked car after a blast.

Sen. Ed Markey remarked that our pipeline infrastructure is “a ticking time bomb,” and emphasized the importance of ridding the industry of loopholes. With the increasing legislation, pipeline mapping is proving to be an essential step in improving the pipeline infrastructure in America.

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